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According to the company personnel needs status, according to the priority list of recruitment positions, recruitment plans made to clear the number of job requirements, responsibilities, supervisors, completion time and other matters, and report to the leadership approval, human resources department as planned to ensure that To find and adapt to the development of talent.
First, the recruitment post sales manager, sales assistant, sales staff, market research personnel.
Second, the recruitment channel selection For the company to recruit the type of job requirements, our company will employ staff recruitment and internal selection of two forms.
1, Recruitment: Recruitment will be held very frequent, especially the three gold four hot scene is approaching, so as an important channel for recruitment, recruitment can be based on talent type, venue, organizers and other comprehensive consideration , To participate in some large-scale job fairs. In addition, to participate in job fairs is also an important means of corporate propaganda, can be said to serve two purposes.
2, the company's internal recruitment and selection: the biggest advantage of this method is to better motivate good employees, we give outstanding staff a new development platform, to further stimulate his creativity, so as to create greater efficiency for the company , And this can be retained for the company more outstanding employees, improve the stability of employees, which for the company to avoid frequent turnover of personnel to bring a vicious cycle to provide a solution. This approach can lead us to continue to develop the talent of the staff, cultivate a multi-skilled staff, but also for the company when there is a shortage of personnel mitigation measures.

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